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In keeping with Clestra's construction principle, the SYLAB and CLESLINE ceiling systems are made of removable and mechanically stable single-piece metallic components. These made-to-measure, walkable modular ceilings guarantee high-quality cleanroom design.


CLESLINE's modular ceilings are finished in the plant and can accommodate cut-outs. Each panel is suspended and locked to the adjacent modules using a joining part. This suspension system allows hooks to be positioned anywhere in the building structure.


Standardised design

Clesline panels have standardised dimensions, in order to optimise cost while maintaining the quality of Clestra products.


All panels can be individually removed. The removal and reinstallation operations do not cause any deterioration to the components.


Clesline ceilings are walkable.


A comprehensive range of adaptations and accessories can be fitted to the Clesline ceiling while maintaining sealing and flushness.

Ease of cleaning

The ceiling assembly forms a perfectly smooth surface that is easy to clean.

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