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Partition systems

Modular and made-to-measure, our customizable, high-performance systems of removable single-piece partitions, SYLAB and CLESLINE, offer optimal flexibility for your facilities while also optimizing cleanroom safety and construction costs. 


Clesline is a modular and removable partition. Its construction design makes it financially optimal. Clesline comes in various options, depending on the desired application, with a steel or stratified HPL finish.

Full panels, glazed panels and doors can be individually removed and replaced, and reused in the event of a change of cleanroom layout.


A customizable standard

The dimensions of the panels can be adapted to the modular layout of the building's cleanrooms.

Quick, clean installation

The production principle means that partition panels for clean rooms arrive on site ready for installation. Assembly can therefore be performed quickly and in the cleanest possible conditions.

Bespoke integration

The joints between panels can be adapted to allow various bespoke elements to be integrated, such as wiring, piping, pillars, service hatches, connection points, etc.


The joints between panels are crucial to the partitioning system. With simple lines in the standard version, the panels are interlinked by assembly keys in an edge-to-edge join.

Ease of cleaning

The panel assembly principles create a flush finish, which facilitates cleaning operations.


Sealing is adapted to the environmental constraints.


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