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Partition systems

Modular and made-to-measure, our customizable, high-performance systems of removable single-piece partitions, SYLAB and CLESLINE, offer optimal flexibility for your facilities while also optimizing cleanroom safety and construction costs. 


The Sylab partition is made-to-measure and adapts to the most stringent modular specifications for cleanrooms. Dimensional accuracy and the modular design mean that the installations can be adapted to the process without affecting the partition's intrinsic qualities.



The Sylab joint, an essential component of the system, allows utilities to be integrated and maintained from the grey zone, and ensures that each panel can be individually removed. The Sylab system, which is easy to understand, install, maintain and use, is therefore completely accessible.


Sylab's totally modular design allows you to install your partitions exactly where you want them. All joints are made without any special parts and are flush with the panels.


The panels are linked by assembly keys and a clipped joint.

The width of the joint is identical to the thickness of the panel.


Depending on the nature of the premises, sealing is either achieved naturally, through a simple mechanical connection between panels, or by applying a silicone or acrylic mastic.

Electrostatic flow

The electrostatic characteristics of Sylab partitions are important, particularly in processes involving powders or in the manufacture of electronic components. The Sylab system's mechanical connections and steel panels provide suitable characteristics.



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